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Sherrie will be presenting her "Epic" adventure, sharing her time in Israel.

Stettler United Church
July 14th, 2019

Musical Prelude……

Welcome & Announcements
(Portions of the service printed in bold are spoken by the whole congregation. The asterisk (*) indicates congregation stands, but please feel free to sit at any time. Children are always welcome at our services. Books/toys are available at the front and back of the sanctuary.

Hymn: “Awesome God”

Opening Prayer
One: In a spirit of joyful hope we offer our prayers to you, O God.
All: You accept us as we are; you hear our deepest concerns.
One: In a spirit of gentle compassion, we offer our prayers to you, O God.
All: You open our hearts to the suffering ones and equip us to meet their needs.
One: In a spirit of common participation, we offer our prayers to you, O God. You alert us to our common responsibilities; you enable us to meet challenges together. In a spirit of justice, we offer our prayers to you, O God.
All: You will not let the powerless be walked over; you will encourage us to stand beside those who have the least.

HYMN: “What Can I Do” #191 MV

Offering Prayer
One: Loving God, help us to give to you, in the Spirit you have given to us,
All: With a generosity beyond imagining, with a sense of justice that will not rest, with a desire to forgive that is unrelenting, with a breadth of vision that is global, and with a love that you made clear to us in Jesus.

Reflection: Walking Where Jesus Walked ~ Sherrie Hughes

Israel Presentation ~ Sherrie’s Epic Adventure

Hymn: “Amen”

Prayers of the People
God, we pray that we feel your help and love. That we see we are not alone.

We pray for our world and all those in it. We pray for all people in this world that are displaced for any reason and the people who live in violence every day and are struggling to survive.
We pray for Canada and those that are less fortunate. We pray for those who have lost their jobs and that they quickly recover.

We pray for the Earth and for all God’s creatures, big and small.
That we see the gifts they bring; whether a bird in flight soaring with the wind, the smell of lilac in the air, or a dog or a cat playing with its companion.

We pray for our families, our brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, partners and friends, nieces and nephews, our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

We pray for ourselves. We pray for what we don’t see.
And appreciate what we haven’t yet felt. We pray for strength, kindness, and love. And we pray for you God to lift our spirits and our hearts when we need it most. Amen.

Hymn: “Behold, Behold, I Make All Things New” #115 MV
Behold, (behold,) behold, (behold,)
I make all things new,
beginning with you and starting from today.
Behold, (behold,) behold, (behold,)
I make all things new,
my promises true,
for I am Christ the way.

Commissioning & Blessing:
One: Look sensitively, and realize your influence for good.
All: Look around, and know what you can achieve with other members of the church.
One: Look with humility, and wonder at what God has done and will do for you.
All: Look thankfully, and realize what God has given you.
One: Look practically, and see the work you can do for God and God’s purposes.
All: Look graciously and know that God loves you beyond all time and all imagining.

“The Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, The love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with all of you.” Amen

HYMN: “Ameni” #219 MV