What time does Sunday Worship service start?

Sunday Worship Services start at 11:00 am.

Is there wheelchair accessibility?

Yes, there is a wheelchair ramp located at the front of the Church, and a lift (elevator) inside the church so you can move easily between floors.

What are the office hours?

Office hours are 9:00 - Noon, Monday, Wednesday & Friday, excluding holidays.

Is there parking?

Yes parking is available on the front and side streets around the church.

Do you have kids programs? 

Yes, please click on the Worship tab on the navigation bar on the home screen, and choose JC Club, or YAC, for information.

How do I find out about events and other information about the church?

Do you have any small groups?

Yes we have a variety of small groups, just click on the Activities pull down menu, all the groups are listed there.

We also have a number of committees, if you click on the About tab, then on the Committees Info tab, all the information is listed there.