Stettler United Church is an inclusive community that values diversity.  Our focus is on people and their deepest yearnings for God and Christian community.

We welcome you to the Stettler United Church, a congregation of The United Church of Canada.  People come into this sanctuary for many different reasons:

  • because it is a home
  • to celebrate life in marriage
  • to celebrate life in a funeral or memorial service
  • to celebrate life in a Sunday Worship celebration

They come as:

  • regular attendees
  • as guests
  • as visitors
  • as those searching for a new church community

We hope that all of you will have a sense of God’s presence in this place, that our time together is uplifting, supportive, challenging, and comforting; and that those who call this place home are friendly. 

If you are here for only a brief time, thank you for having celebrated with us and may you sense God with you as you travel or return home.

As a congregation, we extend a warm invitation to all people to join with us for our life and work and celebration of God’s presence in all of life.  If you are looking for a new church community, we would like an opportunity to respond to your needs in whatever ways we are able. 

We like to think of ourselves as being an inclusive church with an open door policy; that there is a place for anyone who walks through our doors. 

We are a congregation that enjoys the challenge of providing a vital faith community for the young through the elderly, for all kinds of families and households, and for you.