Sunday School – “JC Club”

Following the Congregational Theme/Story Time that's about 20 minutes into our Sunday worship service, a couple of the parents, grandparents or mentors (on a rotation basis) meet with children age 3 to grade 4 to explore bible based stories. 

The Sunday School explores Bible based stories and themes on a Rotation system that employs various activities such as:

  • cooking
  • story telling
  • drama
  • music
  • building
  • experiments
  • crafts

We are always looking for people who enjoy youth and are willing to contribute time or talent to our program.  Please let us know through the church office if you are one of these people!

***We do not hold regular rotation JC Club on long weekends (school or government implemented holidays).  There will either be family oriented worship, a group activity or activity packages provided for the children to enjoy in the Sanctuary.