A marriage service is a very special celebration of love between two people.  In the context of the church, marriage is the public declaration of a couple's love in the presence of God and the good company of family and friends.  Our classic brick sanctuary helps set the stage for this holy ground movement in your lives.  

Meeting with Our Minister

In preparation for your wedding day, you will be asked to meet with our Minister at least twice.  The initial interview is your opportunity to discuss marriage preparation requirements, choices for the ceremony itself, and other things which would serve to make it personal and meaningful.  The second meeting is when you plan the actual service.

These meetings also provide you with an excellent opportunity to become acquainted with her. Generally, the Minister of Stettler United Church officiates at all weddings held in the church. However, if you have someone else in mind to officiate, please don't hesitate to consult with our Minister.


Music for your wedding service can be provided by our Church Accompanists. Recorded music is also welcome if you should choose not to use our accompanist.  We are equipped with an up to date sound system ensuring that everyone will be heard.

The Wedding Ceremony

Our Minister will provide you with a sample service, along with suggestions for scripture readings, special readings, vows, and other elements of the service. Variations are welcomed if they help make the wedding a more meaningful experience for the Bride and Groom.

We hope that this information will prove helpful to you as you make preparations for your wedding!  Contact the church for fees and other information.