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Many thanks to Sue & Joyce for offering worship leadership on June 6th.

Our Board met on June 8th and decided to use great care in implementing  the Stage Two AHS public health measures which were announced June 10th. 


  • We can now host 1/3 of our fire code occupancy for worship. For us that's up to 60 people sitting singly, as families, or cohorts.

Please do not attend if you -- or someone in your household -- is unwell, or if you are unwilling to adhere to the necessary regulations having to do with protecting the community spread of Covid-19 (sanitizing your hands; wearing masks; keeping the 2 meter distance from others; and humming along, not singing, as the hymn lyrics are projected on the screen). 

Thank you for understanding and cooperating as we continue moving forward with good care.

In-person gatherings/meetings are now possible as well, with adherence to the measures in place.