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Please help me communicate that while we've suspended in-person worship, we are still the church and still host worship, etc.
I say this because I've heard recently that (a) I've already retired (that's not the intention 'til summer 2022); (b) that we 'used to have video services'; (c) that there are people wondering what I do now that we don't have church?!?!?
It makes me think of a phrase attributed to Mark Twain, “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”
Sunday worship and Pastoral Care calls/visits continue to be my main responsibilities. In-person worship services were suspended again May 2nd, however, there are still ways to participate in worship.
An Order of Service (pdf) is available through the group emails sent via Bcc on Fridays and posted here on Saturday or Sunday. If you don't already receive those emails, please send a request to . Michele will gladly add you to that group.
To participate in worship, you are welcome to open the pdf file and read through the prayers and scriptures, and click the links that share music for worship.
We then offer, alternatively, a Sunday morning (10:30) gathering via Zoom (May 23rd is this method) and the next week a video is posted (May 30th will be a video service) and June 6th back to Zoom, etc. 
When the videos are created they're uploaded to this Facebook page and our YouTube channel ( )
Prayer Requests and invitations for personal visits by phone or in-person visits are welcome. Contact me by calling the church office (if I'm not here, you can leave a confidential voicemail, or try my cell), or send an email or private message. I can offer prayer, listening, resources and references as I'm invited into your concerns and celebrations.
Let's continue to connect and take good care of one another... living our mission of Caring Together ~ Building Together.