July 14th Worship Service with Sherrie Hughes leading ~ Sherrie will be doing a presentation of her trip to Israel, (sharing her personal experiences, and feelings) along with the worship service.

September 08th: Welcome Sunday ~ This will be the same as last year, so Small group leaders and participants, please start to think about what you will offer at your table for the progressive lunch.

Drum Circle ~ The July 17th drum circle has been cancelled. Watch for information for August.

Please…consider being a part of a fall meeting regarding ideas for building use. Joel Den Haan (building use consultant United Church) is willing to come here to discuss different ways we can use the building to generate income. Please let Michele know if you would be willing to attend a meeting so we can connect with Joel in mid August for a September meeting. Joel helped with an event for McKillop in Lethbridge, please follow the link to view the event:

Kid’s Cooking Camp ~ The camp will run every Thursday in July from 1:00 – 3:00 pm. Can you lend a hand? Please call Sylvia Peters 403-742-5840. The ladies could use a few extra hands.

2019 Badlands Passion Play in Drumheller, Alberta. Don't miss this epic story of faith, hope, and love on Canada's largest outdoor stage! This musical version of the life of Christ features over 100 singers and performers, a 15-piece orchestra playing an original score, incredible costumes, and a spectacular natural setting in the heart of the Canadian Badlands. Tickets available at tickets.badlandsamp.com - or by phone at 403-823-2001.

See Jan in her role as Simon Peter’s mother in law and her (along with a group of women) portrayal of a male priest at the temple.

Worship Leaders for upcoming services:
July 14th – Sherrie Hughes – presentation from Sherrie’s trip to Israel.
July 21st – Barbara Lieurance

Wondering how to keep you contributions up to day while you are on holiday?? ~ You can still contribute monthly using:
• Post dated cheques – please submit to the office clearly marked as “post dated”
• PAR – pre-authorized remittance. Easy Peasy, just stop in the office with a voided cheque and fill out the form.
• Online – over the website. Visit the website, stettlerunitedchurch.org, and go to the giving tab at the top, follow the steps from there.


Camps for all ages!
Rookie Camp (Ages 6-9) July 29-31 $135.00
Scamper Camp (Ages 6-10) July 31-Aug 2 $135.00
Kid’s Camp (Ages 10-13) August 5-10 $330.00
Youth Camp (Ages 14-17) August 12-17 $330.00
Kid’s 2 Camp (Ages 10-12) August 12-17 $330.00
Middlers Camp (Ages 12-14) August 18-23 $330.00

REGISTER NOW! Register through our website: www.barharbourcamp.com Questions? Email us at: [email protected] Check us out on Facebook too! Bar Harbour Camp

Need Some Help? Please don’t let funding be a barrier . If you need financial assistance to get your kids to camp, please email us and we have some support options available to you. Email: [email protected]
We are located on Buffalo Lake, Alberta, north of the Town of Stettler.
We are neighbours to the Community of White Sands

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