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Sermon Notes

In the Christian Education Hall. An Order of Service (pdf) is attached for those who want to participate in worship by reading that outline and 'clicking' the links for music.  

Our biblical focus comes from 2 Corinthians 8:7-15 ~ Excel in Generosity. Surely this is a theme fitting for entering this Canada Day-ish week.
Which Canada will we be celebrating?
Who's testimony/experience of Canada gets 'print'? 

Please read what's written to the church in Corinth by the apostle Paul. How do we hear and respond to him, as well as today's faith leaders, who preach to us as Christians and citizens that the genuineness of our love and our faith upholds the ethic of their being fairness and balance in the distribution and redistribution of abundance to meet needs.  

Comparison is not beneficial, but attitude counts greatly.